Get the massage you need

Got an hour? Book a massage and experience the therapeutic benefits it has to offer. At Lakeshore Village Massage Therapy, we have just the massage to help ease what pains you, whether it's muscle tension, injury, stress, or just the need to let go and relax. We offer quality treatments delivered by Registered Massage Therapists at affordable rates.


Swedish massage relaxes muscles through the application of pressure. The purpose is to increase the blood's oxygen flow and assist in the removal of toxins from the muscles. Improves circulation, eases joint stiffness, and increases range of motion.


Deep tissue is a massage technique that is used to access the deeper layer of muscle and connective tissue. This type of massage is helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.


Hot stone massage is a full body massage that uses smooth, heated lava stones to deliver clam and relaxing treatment. Hot stone massage will help to relax tight aching muscle groups, improve circulation and calm an active mind.



Reflexology is a type of massage that works by applying pressure on specific points of the feet or hands. Reflexes are stimulated and the body's natural electric energy flows along the nervous system to clear any blockages in related areas.



Infant massage is a traditional caregiver practice in many cultures around the world. An infant massage helps to relax babies, helps them sleep better, eat better as well as helps with relief from discomforts such as teething and stomach troubles. 


ashiatsu MASSAGE

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from the therapists' feet. We have the potential to apply our entire body weight to give the deepest massage. This massage will relax every fibre of muscle in your body.



This facial is a 45 minute massage that is done using virgin argan oil. Benefits include reducing the appearance of wrinkles, skin irritation and inflammation and repairs split ends. 

*20oz bottle of Virgin Argan Oil Included



Prenatal massage is designed to support the mother-to-be as she experiences the emotional and physical changes that accompany pregnancy. This massage relieves stress, aches, pains and helps to reduce swelling of the hands and feet .